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!broken lighting article

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s an old adage that people have taken to heart. At Bay Efficiency, we... (continued)

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What is a commercial building energy audit?

Bay Efficiency’s General Manager, James D’Albora, describes what goes into a commercial building energy... (continued)

!hvac sizing article

Is your HVAC system bigger than it needs to be?

The last time your commercial building needed an HVAC upgrade, your selected contractor determined how large a... (continued)

!hvac pricing blog

Choosing a HVAC contractor: Why energy efficiency matters more than initial cost

As a commercial building owner, how are you making decisions about your HVAC systems? Are you conducting... (continued)

!paper energy audits article

Energy audits: Why we prefer paper notes over energy auditing apps

Energy auditors, listen up: Take paper notes in the field. That statement may seem counterintuitive. After... (continued)


Energy efficiency question: The ‘magic oil change’ analogy

What if you only had to change the oil in your car once every 5 years? Would you be willing to pay more for... (continued)


Why you should pay more for LED lights

We often hear this question on commercial energy audits: “Why would I pay $20 for a LED light bulb when I can... (continued)


How to improve your building with other people’s money

Did you know that you can improve your own building’s energy efficiency using other people’s money? The... (continued)


How many times will you need to change your light bulbs?

You may have heard or seen that some LED light bulbs have a lifetime of 30,000 hours. What does that even... (continued)


For energy utility rates, average calculations are bad

When reviewing electricity costs with a contractor or a utility salesperson, you may hear something like,... (continued)


How to comply with Local Law 87: New York City’s mandatory energy audits

If you own a building in New York City, you’ve likely heard of Local Law 87 (LL87), which <a... (continued)


Why color rendering index (CRI) matters for your building's lights

When purchasing commercial lights, building owners will likely consider <a... (continued)


How a light’s color temperature impacts a room

What exactly is a light’s color temperature and what does it mean for your building’s rooms? Measured in... (continued)

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Figuring out your light bulb budget

If you’ve already been convinced of the <a href="",... (continued)


What to know when buying LED lights

If you are a first-time LED buyer, or just simply re-assessing what kind of lights you want in your building,... (continued)


Making sense of a light bulb’s wattage and lumens

In shopping for light bulbs, you likely have heard the terms “wattage” and “lumens.” What exactly do these... (continued)

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How a steam audit can help save you money

If you’re an owner of a steam-powered building, when’s the last time you took a look at your power... (continued)


How analyzing your utility bill can find you savings

Many building owners take advantage of <a href="",... (continued)


Buying or selling a Berkeley building or home? Ask about energy audit

Berekely’s new BESO (Building Energy Saving Ordinance) law requires energy assessments <a... (continued)


BESO law requires energy audits prior to Berkeley building sales

Before you can sell your home or building in Berkeley, California, you first need to work with a certified... (continued)


Lighting retrofit in 2016? Stop doing those manual calculations

If you’re in the process of a lighting retrofit to change out your old lights for new ones, you’ve likely... (continued)


LED lights vs. planned obsolescence

If a <a... (continued)


Banking on a major lighting retrofit project to reduce energy, cost

Not convinced yet that lighting retrofit projects are worth the time and up-front investment? A Boston-based... (continued)


The benefits of energy auditing software

Building owners and consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their energy usage and impact on the... (continued)


How LED lights helped dairy cows produce more milk

It’s often well known that LED lights <a href="", target="_blank">last... (continued)

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How fluorescent lights impact comfort: Magnetic vs. electronic ballasts

When considering the lights that you use in your building, it’s easy to think first about cost or energy usage... (continued)