Default Title How many times will you need to change your light bulbs?

How many times will you need to change your light bulbs?

You may have heard or seen that some LED light bulbs have a lifetime of 30,000 hours. What does that even mean?

It’s tough to conceptualize what 30K hours really means. How different is it from 10K? And is it worth the added cost?

Instead, it’d be a lot more useful to have an energy analysis return a number that you can understand: the number of times you have to replace a light bulb.

Counting the number of replacements

At Bay Efficiency, we’ll use our LightBids software during commercial energy audits to make this exact calculation.

During the energy audit, we can enter in your building’s schedule of operations and the types of light bulbs that you currently have.

LightBids will then tell the story of your future maintenance efforts. If each bulb is on for about 2K hours per year, then older bulbs may need to be replaced every 18 months while new LED lights may last 15 years.

Suddenly, “30K hours” has a new meaning: a LED light could last as long as 10 of those older bulbs, saving you 10 trips up the ladder.

And that’s just for one light. Imagine if you have hundreds of thousands of light bulbs that may need to be replaced.

We love using LightBids because it can paint an accurate picture in minutes — it will show the current situation and just how many trips up the ladder you may be able to save.