Default Title The benefits of energy auditing software

The benefits of energy auditing software

Building owners and consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their energy usage and impact on the environment. It makes sense then that energy contractors are turning to technology to help perform quick and accurate energy analysis.

Certified energy auditors can use energy auditing tools on the job to help them perform faster and more accurate audits for their clients.

The software helps in two main ways:
1. It helps compute calculations that weren’t possible by hand, providing more accurate forecasting.
2. It saves auditors time — letting them help their clients faster.

LightBids Team at 2015 NECA Conference

The software is accessible to anyone, including building owners and property managers, although contractors and auditors are likely to use it the most. Energy consultants sometimes even use the tools during certified building audits, although we believe that it’s more effective as a supplement to paper notes.

Software options

There’s a wide variety of energy software tools available in the market.

Bay Efficiency auditors use LightBids — our own proprietary software that breaks down a building’s unique energy usage to quickly and accurately find opportunities for energy efficiency and financial savings.

Another alternative, ecoInsight, can help determine the ROI (return on investment) of energy efficiency projects.

Software by Retroficiency helps to sell the value of energy lifecycle improvement projects to large companies.

And TREAT, a tool by Performance Systems Development, is another option for analyzing a building’s energy usage.

Of course, the software itself is just a tool. It’s valuable to contact an energy auditor so they can come in person to review the building.

The certified energy auditor will use the software, along with their own observations and professional experience, to provide tailored energy analysis recommendations for each building.