Default Title Figuring out your light bulb budget

Figuring out your light bulb budget

If you’ve already been convinced of the benefits of LED light bulbs, then, the next question becomes: How much do you need to pay for them?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the price of an LED bulb. Cheap bulbs could cost about $10, while bulbs of a higher value could go for $20 a piece. That is not a big difference for one bulb — but the more lights that are in your building, the bigger the cost decision becomes.

In order to identify a budget, you first need to figure out how the light bulbs will be used in your building.

Location of the lights

Are the bulbs going to be used to light up a utility closet or are they going to be the main light source for a main lobby, conference room, or living space?

If you’re shopping for bulbs that will light an area with a lot of foot traffic and where will people will work, consider higher-quality light bulbs.

These bulbs will have a greater CRI (color rendering index) and can produce a more comfortable environment for building occupants. That’s because these lights allow for a greater variety of colors to be seen.

However, if you’re shopping for lights for the utility closet, then you can look at cheaper bulbs. In this case, employees won’t be spending a lot of time under these lights.

Ease of replacing bulbs

How high up will the light bulbs be installed in your building? Are they within arm’s reach or will they require a high step ladder to replace. It’s important to think about this now, since someone will eventually need to replace the bulb with a new one.

If all the bulbs are in difficult locations to reach, that’s a good reason to go for the more expensive bulbs. They will last longer, saving you trips up the ladder.