Default Title How a steam audit can help save you money

How a steam audit can help save you money

If you’re an owner of a steam-powered building, when’s the last time you took a look at your power system?

You might be spending more than you need to.

At Bay Efficiency, we’ve done energy audits of steam systems and found that they were no longer working as they were intended. With our help, the owners were able to address the issues and save money on future utility bills.

Steam and electricity aren’t billed the same

With electricity, power is flowing throughout the building at all times. But occupants are only charged when they plug something into an electric outlet.

With steam-powered systems, it’s a different story.

Think about a tea kettle that you heat up before pouring into your cup. The kettle heats up the water, spending energy in the process, and then releases steam into the air.

With steam boilers, there’s a lot of places for that energy to escape. If the system isn’t properly capturing steam, you could be charged for a lot of energy generation without reaping all the benefits.

Other times, the system is setup correctly but building owners are still being overcharged by third-party utility companies.

Either way, it’s always a good idea to have an independent, certified energy auditor review your system and identify ways to fix the problem.

At Bay Efficiency, we would love to come on site to take a look at your steam-powered system and analyze your spending to find areas for improvement.