Default Title Lighting retrofit in 2016? Stop doing those manual calculations

Lighting retrofit in 2016? Stop doing those manual calculations

If you’re in the process of a lighting retrofit to change out your old lights for new ones, you’ve likely spent some time calculating potential savings.

There’s incredible value in looking into the ways that LED lights can save you money over time. It’s entirely possible that each of your 1,000 bulbs could save $40-45 over the first year — bringing in a total of $40K - $45K in overall savings.

But the problem comes when you’re spending hours laboring over an Excel spreadsheet — or, even worse, trying to do the calculations by hand. With a large number of formulas necessary to get an accurate picture of overall savings, it’s easy to make a mistake or miss something important.

That’s why all Bay Efficiency certified energy auditors use energy audit software whenever possible. The apps produce more reliable numbers in a faster amount of time.

Sure, there may be a certain nostalgia to dusting off the books and doing some calculations by hand with paper and pencil. And yes, there’s the thrill of plugging in your final Excel formula and seeing numbers start to magically show up on the screen.

But those thrills aren’t worth all the time and energy you’ll use in getting the calculations correct — and all of that effort is blown away by the tiniest of mistakes. Those methods were useful in the past when modern software didn’t exist. But now it’s 2016; there’s better things you could be doing with your time.

Our recommendation: look for energy audit software that can make your lighting retrofit projects easier and more successful.

We heard from people all year that software like LightBids made their lives easier: producing faster, more reliable results that made a difference in their energy efficiency projects.

Want to save time and effort for your next lighting retrofit project? Ditch those manual calculations and let energy audit software do the heavy lifting for you.