Default Title Banking on a major lighting retrofit project to reduce energy, cost

Banking on a major lighting retrofit project to reduce energy, cost

Not convinced yet that lighting retrofit projects are worth the time and up-front investment? A Boston-based bank is hoping to change the conversation with a massive $25 million project in 800 of its United Kingdom branches.

Santander Bank , the UK’s fifth-largest bank, is replacing 90,000 lights with LED bulbs, according to

The bank is expecting that the project will result in energy savings of more than 50 percent.

“The relatively simple action of installing LED lighting can have a big impact on efforts to reduce the cost of electricity and cut energy demand while creating a better environment for customers, clients and employees,” said Ed Northam of the UK Green Investment Bank, which helped to fund the project.

“Santander has recognized this, and should be congratulated for sending a signal to corporate UK that energy efficiency makes good business sense,” he said.

The savings power of LED lights

While they do carry higher up-front costs, LED lights have the power to save money over time. Lighting retrofits, especially ones done with technology-driven energy audits, can highlight energy efficiency projects that can produce an immediate impact.

You don’t need to own a major bank to invest in LED lights and see both savings and energy reduction. Tools like LightBids can help you get started on your own lighting retrofit project today.