Default Title How LED lights helped dairy cows produce more milk

How LED lights helped dairy cows produce more milk

It’s often well known that LED lights last longer and will produce long-term savings compared to regular bulbs.

But, did you know that they also help cows produce more milk?

Cows exposed to 16-18 hours of light for a year produced 8 percent more milk, according to the 2015 Michigan State University research study.

While researchers had known for three decades that cows could benefit from long-day lighting, farmers were never able to establish the correct lighting conditions.

Enter LED lights into the equation.

Researchers equipped Wings Acres Dairy — a 100-cow dairy in Barry County, Michigan — with new LED lights, sensors, and an automated control system. The new setup did the trick, exposing cows to the optimal amount of light for 66%-75% of the day.

Researchers ruled out two other potential factors for the increase — farm operational practices and weather conditions — and concluded that the LED lighting did in fact lead to more milk.

In addition, farmers estimated a 50 percent reduction in lighting expenses and predicted that the LED lights would pay for themselves within a year.

“Anecdotally, the dairy farmer has noticed that cows in his milking herd have become more docile and less agitated,” the researchers added.

Whether you want to increase the happiness and comfort of cows or humans, LED lights seem the best way to go.