If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Ty Clark
Published on May 02, 2021
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s an old adage that people have taken to heart.

At Bay Efficiency, we often ask building owners during a commercial energy audit, “Is your lighting system broken?” If people flip the on switch and the room fills with light, then it’s not broken — and therefore does not require a fix.

But is this truly the whole story? Even when the light turns on, there are often things that are broken happening behind the scene — everyday aspects of energy analysis that we have all taken for granted because we’re used to them:

  • When a lightbulb burns out, you’ll have to take the time to climb up a ladder and replace it.
  • When it burns out, you’ll have to buy a replacement.
  • Before it burns out, it may come with a glare, hum, or give the overall room an outdated appearance.
  • Electric bill costs continue to increase.

The lights may work — but the system is broken. Business as usual costs significantly more money and comes with its fair share of annoyance and hassles. It’s complicated to calculate all the ongoing costs and difficult to quantify the time spent on repairs. These are common refrains that show up in our building energy reports as we audit commercial buildings across the region.

For a while, only the largest buildings and campuses could afford to bring in an energy efficiency engineer to create customized calculations. That’s why California energy efficiency has been so slow to reach the small and medium-sized business sectors; they can’t pay for the engineering.

We’re hoping to change that at Bay Efficiency through affordable commercial energy efficiency audits and our DIY web app LightBids. Let’s rally behind these new technologies to quantify the costs of a broken system.

Together we can partner to increase profitability and make all of our lives a little easier — one fix at a time.
Ty Clark
Published on May 02, 2021