It’s the NOI, or Why You Should Have Us Do Your Benchmark

Energy Benchmarking isn’t just about compliance, it’s also about finding ways to lower operating costs in order to raise Net Operating Income (NOI).

Ty Clark
Published on May 28, 2021
Property managers already jump through lots of regulatory hoops, and it’s no wonder many have little desire to tackle a new one. Especially one that doesn’t have obvious benefits. 

However, energy benchmarking mandates have spread across the country, doubling in number over the past 4 years. The trend is poised to continue. 

What is the point of hiring a professional to benchmark your property when you can muddle through yourself?

There are three reasons: 

Expertise during the process, analysis in interpreting the results, and control of what happens next.

  • We have a Professional Engineer and energy expert 
  • Who offers accuracy, attention to detail, and insider intel
  • Giving you peace of mind, and expert advice 

As a utility sector veteran and Professional Engineer, I am well aware of the complicated regulatory energy patchwork, and how it creates headaches and roadblocks for commercial property owners and managers. From the math to the products, the landscape is complex. With 17 years of experience, I know that along with the burdens, these regulations also bring incentives, grants, zero-percent financing, and other sweeteners that can turn a bureaucratic hassle into a boon. 


  • We provide a report analyzing your building(s) energy use
  • This gives you data on your level of energy efficiency
  • This points to possible options for saving on energy costs and increasing property value

Benchmarking can be done simply to avoid fines, and many people choose to approach it that way. But Bay Efficiency can also do an analysis of the data. We give everyone a report of their energy use, and how they rank vis a vis other similar buildings. 

For larger portfolios, we do a ranked analysis of their existing properties, helping identify high ROI energy retrofit projects. 

For single benchmarks, it also allows for comparison amongst similar buildings, which impacts sales and lease pricing. 

Since the data is publicly available, your property becomes a comparison marker for others like it. Property owners in certain jurisdictions already report getting lower offers on energy-hogging buildings. Wouldn’t you want to know where you stand? 

And what happens if the benchmark reveals bad news?


  • Both on-site and remote audit options.
  • With full control of all audit data, including advanced calculations, real product specs, and whole-team access.
  • Which produces a nuanced and accurate picture of retrofit options, and sets you up for success when getting bids on products or labor. 

Most commercial properties spend about $2.14 per square foot on energy, but that number could be significantly lower. An audit allows managers a clear picture of where that energy spend is largest, and our audit tool goes even further. We offer advanced calculations that factor in actual demand rates, real product input, and energy price increases to give you an exact picture of what replacements could do for your energy bill and total energy use. 

Paired with our knowledge of government incentives, and the robust calculations of our software, you can achieve huge savings in energy use and cost, with little to no capital expenditure.

Turn a Headache into Higher NOI

Ultimately, what Bay Efficiency offers is an expert path to higher NOI, an increase in property value, and a way to achieve all that with negligible expense. Contact us today to discuss if our services meet your needs. 

Ty Clark
Published on May 28, 2021