We Offer Peace of Mind for Condos and Co-ops

HOA boards don’t have to worry about incorrect math, mistakes, late compliance, or ending up on the naughty building list with Bay Efficiency in their corner.

Ty Clark
Published on June 11, 2021
Condos and co-ops, and their HOA leadership, are being asked to report their energy, water and waste metrics via benchmarking more and more. For instance, in California, multi-family properties larger than 50,000 square feet with more than 17 meters must file a benchmark with the state annually. 

Although it’s presented as straightforward, we know from nearly a decade of experience that the process is more difficult than advertised. Here is how we make the task easy for HOA boards:

We Make a Complex Process Easy

One city’s official “How to Benchmark” guide boasts a set of six “easy” steps. However, those steps end up turning into 70+ pages of instructions that require you to perform technical actions at specific times, while coordinating multiple entities across several different software platforms.  

This 70 page instruction document assumes that your building follows a standard, cookie-cutter pattern and does not have any unique quirks or attributes. Trying to find a piece of information from the city or state can turn into an hour of fruitless searching. 

Energy Star Portfolio Manager has its own quirks, and hours of “helpful” training videos. But do you really want to do that? 

By the time you get done with one training video, we are done with your benchmark. Practice makes perfect, and we have practiced for years to give you peace of mind. 

We Avoid Mistakes

Did you know how to reconcile conflicting utility data? There are a number of errors that crop up in every benchmark, and fixing it isn’t always straightforward. Unless you have done it thousands of times, like us. 

Our founder is a Professional Engineer with decades of utility sector experience. He has not only done this process in all sorts of cases, he knows how to make the math work correctly - quickly and easily. 

We Offer Fast and Accurate Compliance

From creating accounts, to synching with utilities, and getting the benchmark process across the finish line, we have a dedicated team that tracks your project from start to finish. 

We Prevent Public Shaming

Did you know your benchmark status is public? Even if you haven’t done it. One way the local government gets people to benchmark is shame - they put buildings who have not complied on their own “Naughty List.” 
We don’t think shaming is a good way of getting people to comply with benchmarking, and prefer to help people meet requirements without it. 
In fact, many people are surprised that energy benchmarking requirements even exist, and they wish it didn’t - we work hard to make sure energy benchmarking is something you never have to think about. 
Contact us today to learn how we can help you. 

Ty Clark
Published on June 11, 2021