Remote, full-service

Our Service

We provide Energy Benchmarking via the ENERGY STAR™ Portfolio Manager portal. All benchmarking is done remotely, and we strive to make sure our clients do as little as possible to make compliance happen.

Energy Benchmarks require reporting the use of water, waste, and gas and/or electricity, by interfacing with the local utilities, checking for errors, and submitting accurate data.

We also provide a report that explains your building or buildings’ energy use, how it compares to others, and an assessment if further action is needed.

The Process

Other than a few clerical details up front, our process is thorough on our end, so that you don’t have to worry about anything on yours.


Energy Audit

On-site or remote, full-service

Our Service

Either for compliance or to identify energy efficiency opportunities, Bay Efficiency also performs Energy Audits for clients who request the service. We use our own software to catalogue and report on a property’s energy use, to give a future-focused, thorough analysis of a building’s existing fixtures, their hourly-demand charge, and potential savings using energy efficient products.

Our software allows for building managers to control product pricing decisions, and simply receive quotes on labor.

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