What is Assembly Bill 802?

Ty Clark
Published on May 04, 2021
What is Assembly Bill 802?

  • A mandate created by the California Energy Commission. 
  • Applies to commercial properties 50,000 square feet or more and residential properties with 17 or more units in California. 
  • Does not apply to properties with fewer than 17 residential utility accounts. 
  • Due June 1st, every year. 

 Why do I have to benchmark?

The goal of energy benchmarking is transparency and awareness. Once a benchmark is complete, you can compare your building to those similar to it, and see how energy efficient it is. The California Energy Commission hopes this type of data collection will encourage energy efficiency improvements.

How do I complete an energy benchmark?

  • File your own via the EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  • Hire a benchmarking service to do it for you.
What will happen if I don't do it?

You may face a civil fine. If you are late on submitting, it is recommended that you file as soon as possible.

Will my benchmarking data be disclosed?


Can I opt out of benchmarking?

In certain cases, yes. Contact us to learn more. Also, if your city requires energy benchmarking, you are only required to file the benchmark for your city. 

How can Bay Efficiency help me?

Bay Efficiency has a decade of experience and is run by an energy sector veteran and mechanical engineer, guaranteeing a thorough and accurate benchmark. We understand that many people find energy benchmarking confusing and would rather have an expert take care of it. Our #1 goal is to make the process worry-free for you.

Contact us at info@bayefficiency.com, get a quote, or call us at 415-766-4901. 

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Ty Clark
Published on May 04, 2021