What is Energy Benchmarking?

So you've gotten a benchmarking notice...

Ty Clark
Published on June 02, 2021
What is benchmarking? 

Benchmarking is like getting the “miles per gallon” of your building, except for utility use instead of gasoline. Your building is compared to others like it around the nation and given a score from 1 to 100.

Buildings with a score of 75 or greater are considered “very efficient” and qualify for the ENERGY STAR Label.

What is the point of benchmarking?

With an annual benchmark, you get a sense for how your systems are performing over time, how effective upgrades have been, or if competitors are upgrading their systems.

What does it take to benchmark?

Benchmarking doesn’t have to be confusing or take up a lot of time - if you know what you’re doing. Much like you’d call a plumber to clear out a sewer line blockage, getting an expert to benchmark is the smart call.  

Why do people hire benchmarking pros?

To save time, avoid hassle, and guarantee accuracy.

Few people have an extra 10 hours to deal with the EPA’s Benchmarking Portal. 

It’s also possible to get a benchmark wrong, which can mean making decisions off of bad data, losing out on future exemptions, or not qualifying for the ENERGY STAR Label. 

Why should I pick Bay Efficiency to perform my benchmark?

Our #1 goal is to ask as little of you as possible to get your building(s) in compliance.

We believe everyone deserves great engineering at an affordable price. 

We know how to navigate frustrating systems so you don’t have to. 

And, as Professional Engineers, we know how to get accurate results, interpret them, and guide you toward the next steps to better your NOI. 

Reach out today to learn how we can make benchmarking work for you. 


Ty Clark
Published on June 02, 2021