What Makes Bay Efficiency Stand Out?

We know the ins and outs of energy compliance, the realities of owning commercial property, and how to save you money.

Ty Clark
Published on November 14, 2022
Governments pass laws to achieve goals they think are important. Their intentions may be good. However, because of the nature of government, those laws end up being hard to understand, ignore the day-to-day realities of the industries they regulate, and often feel burdensome rather than beneficial.

As energy compliance experts in benchmarking, audits, and ENERGY STAR Labels, Bay Efficiency is run by people who know how to overcome these challenges and guide commercial property owners and managers through these processes with practical tips. 

Here’s how:

We Learn the Laws so You Don’t Have To

For every service area we work in, we have read the entire text of the law multiple times to understand not only what is required, but also, what isn’t. We are in contact with the local agency overseeing the law regularly to make sure we understand the gray areas and any updates.

As a result, we have helped many customers obtain exemptions, both for benchmarks and audits. 

We Understand Commerical Real Estate

Each type of commercial property has its particular issues - from the hectic schedules of managing multi-family while juggling a tough NOI -  to the perils of low office occupancy during the pandemic -  to cap rates for building improvements in storage - we know the problems you face and what moves the needle for you. 

The cities and states who legislate benchmarking and audits decided to choose fines and mandated reporting rather than incentives like tax breaks. This creates resistance, can be cost-prohibitive for many buildings, and worse - it hides the fact that underneath it all, there’s a way to make it work for you.

We Know How to Make Compliance Worth It

Our internal motto is - let’s make sure they even have to comply. We start all of our processes by double-checking that your building is indeed on a compliance list, and if it is, we also check if there’s an exemption possible. 

Why? We like to avoid wasting energy of all sorts, and that includes yours in the form of time and money. We find that although energy efficiency compliance laws can save people cash in the long term, not everyone benefits from an audit that costs thousands of dollars when that money would be better spent on building upgrades or maintenance. 

Luckily, as an expert-led team with two decades of experience, we can help you navigate compliance with someone squarely in your corner. 

Ty Clark
Published on November 14, 2022